Olympic speed skater Mika Poutala is a successful and very positive athlete. Mika is known for his positivity and various antics, especially in the sports world. In the Vancouver Olympics, he took care of the team’s press conference by interviewing his team mates and himself. Multitalented Mika was also the one who made the official songs for the Finnish delegation for the 2006 Torino Olympics as well as the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

From a sports point of view, the Vancouver Olympics were the best for Mika, as he placed fifth and was only four hundredths from a medal.

Mika started his long and instructive path towards the top of speed skating world already at the age of seven. Various challenges and obstacles have taught him valuable lessons about what success requires.

In addition to skating, Mika, who is known for his positive appearance, also works as a speaker. He teaches and motivated people and companies to reach their goals by using concrete tools. Every year, Mika goes to dozens of events, where Sonera, IFK and Fennia, among others, are his customers.